Posted on 7/17/2023 by BRYNN


Palm Springs is a sunny desert destination nestled in the Coachella Valley of California, offering travelers a beautiful natural landscape and an endless variety of fun activities to enjoy. While hotels have been a popular accommodation option in the past, vacation rentals offer lots of features and value you can’t find in a hotel. Here are the top reasons to choose a vacation rental versus a hotel for your stay in Palm Springs.

Space and Privacy

One of the most appealing features of vacation rentals is the amount of space and privacy they offer. Compared to hotel rooms, which can be cramped and crowded, vacation rentals offer plenty of space to spread out and relax. Many vacation rentals offer multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, incredible private backyards, and shared common spaces that provide a comfortable place for you and your loved ones to spend quality time together. Staying in your own private desert oasis can bring your Palm Springs vacation to the next level – check out resort-style vacation rentals like The Blush or Poolside Palm Springs Paradise to find all the space a group could want, served up with Palm Springs flair.

Amazing Amenities

Imagine yourself floating all afternoon in your private backyard pool with a refreshing drink in hand, followed by a relaxing dinner on your private patio and a firepit under the stars or a soak in the hot tub as night falls over the desert. Comfortable, air-conditioned  indoor living spaces offer a cozy place to relax, and outdoor lounge areas are the perfect way to enjoy the gorgeous Palm Springs landscape and mountain views. Some of our Palm Springs rentals are also pet-friendly, so your furry companion can enjoy a vacation too. All of our Palm Springs rentals also feature fully equipped kitchens, which is something you’ll rarely find in a hotel. This allows you to save on eating meals out, or you can whip up some delicious cocktails and appetizers poolside right from your rental. From flat screen televisions, to washer/dryers, private pools and hot tubs, and much more – our vacation rentals in Palm Springs offer so many fabulous amenities that a hotel typically doesn’t have!  


While staying in a hotel can be limiting for your personal space and dining options, staying in a vacation rental offers ultimate flexibility, making it feel like a home away from home. Fully equipped kitchens like the one found at The Royale offer a way to keep dinner plans flexible, or to save money on meals. The comfortable environment makes a vacation rental stay feel more private, and many properties offer more flexibility when checking in or out as well.


Considering all of the amenities, privacy and space, vacation rentals are a better value than hotel rooms, particularly for larger groups or longer stays. With multiple bedrooms and shared common areas, the cost per person becomes significantly lower than booking individual hotel rooms. Additionally, there are great discounts to be found on vacation rentals throughout the year. Check out some of the current specials being offered at our Palm Springs vacation rentals.

Authentic Experience

One of the best parts of a vacation is taking a break from your normal routine and immersing yourself in a new place. Vacation rentals in Palm Springs offer the chance to live like a local while enjoying the comforts of home, with a wide variety of locations to explore off the beaten path. From this Luxury Rooftop Penthouse, located in the heart of the action in downtown Palm Springs, to the secluded natural serenity of Villa de la Reina, you will have the opportunity to experience Palm Springs in a way hotels can’t match.

The allure of Palm Springs is the stunning desert landscape and vibrant culture. What better way to enjoy it than by living like a local in a spacious, private vacation rental with fantastic amenities? Consider booking a Palm Springs vacation rental for your next trip and enjoy all the benefits a vacation rental has to offer!